Bird Dog Training

Welcome Real Estate Bird Dogs!  We have plenty of resources to help you learn how to find properties to refer to RVA Property Solutions.  If you already have a property to refer to us, click the button below to submit your lead.

Submit Lead Button

If you need help locating properties, please read the Bird Dog Blueprint first, and then download a flyer and Lead Information sheet. Then, watch the videos on this page to get your training.  It’s that simple! Once you have found your first lead come back to this page and turn in the information. We take about one week to process the information and contact the home owner of the house you submitted. Once we make contact with the home owner we will update you on the status of your lead.

Bird Dog Tutorial Videos

Watch a recording of our Real Estate Bird Dog workshop below:

What is a Bird Dog/Property locator? Video one

What does the Property Physically look like: Video Two

What Geographic Regions should you focus on to make sure you close deals?: Video Three

Is it a deal? Breaking down the numbers: Video Four

Lead Submission Form Video Tutorial (Important): Video Five

How to use Social Media to fast track your Bird Dog aspirations: Video six

Bonus Video!! how to turn $500 deals into $5,000 deals: Video Seven