Four Great TV Shows for Real Estate Investors

TV Shows for Real Estate Investors

TV Shows for Real Estate InvestorsIf you have even a passing interest in real estate investing or rehabbing homes, you have no doubt seen some of the many TV shows for real estate investors on HGTV on the subject. While it’s never a wise idea to educate yourself on any subject just by watching TV, there are still plenty of things a novice real estate investor can learn from these shows even if they are intended as entertainment. If nothing else, they provide a great introduction to some of the ins and outs of real estate investment and flipping homes.

There is no shortage of shows about rehabbing homes, but here are four shows in particular that every real estate investor should check out at least once.

Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop follows husband and wife house flipping team Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they purchase and renovate dilapidated properties and try to flip them for resale. They purchase many of the homes sight unseen, often without knowing for sure if they can successfully flip them. The fun of the show is seeing the work that goes into the properties Tarek and Christina purchase and whether or not they can turn a profit when they sell the renovated homes. Sometimes they successfully flip a home, and sometimes they flop, hence the title.

Flip or Flop provides some great insight into the practice of flipping houses and how risky, rewarding and fun it can be. The focus is largely on the effort that goes into the renovations and the drama of whether or not the properties will sell, but it doesn’t always go into the details of how Tarek and Christina finance their investments.

Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict follows Nicole Curtis as she saves dilapidated historic homes in Minneapolis and Detroit and restored them to their former glory. It’s similar to Flip or Flop in many respects, with the major difference being the focus on historic properties. Many of the properties that Nicole rehabs are condemned and set to be torn down, which can add an extra level of challenge when it comes time to make repairs or even acquire the properties themselves. Rehab Addict is a great show for those who are interested in buying and selling historic homes, especially when it shows a worst-case scenario in which a property seems beyond hope. It does cover a fairly specific niche in property investing, but it’s an interesting niche that could appeal to some people. Many historic homes are – or were – beautiful, and there is a lot of satisfaction to be found in restoring them and making them inhabitable for the first time in years.

Fixer Upper

They say that location is everything in real estate, but sometimes a buyer finds a property in a perfect location only to find that their new home needs a lot of work. That’s where Fixer Upper comes in. Fixer Upper follows renovation, design and real estate professionals Chip and Joanna Gaines as they partner with buyers around Waco and Dallas, Texas who purchase homes that need work.

Unlike the previous two shows that we talked about, Fixer Upper isn’t about flipping homes. The people who are purchasing the properties are doing so with the intention of living in them, which means they are renovating and designing them according to their own needs and tastes. If nothing else, Fixer Upper shows that a run-down or poorly-designed house isn’t always a bad investment if it’s in the right location and it can be fixed for an affordable price.

Property Brothers 

The property brothers of this show are Drew and Jonathan Scott, two real estate investors who help couples and families buy extreme fixer-uppers and transform them into their dream homes. They show how these homes can be renovated with state-of-the-art computer modeling that shows the buyers exactly what their new homes can become. It’s a difficult and ambitious prospect, especially since Drew and Jonathan are convincing young buyers to take chances on these properties, but they’ve been successful so far.

Property Brothers is a great show to watch if you want to see how even a property that seems beyond any kind of renovation can still be fixed up and made into a family’s dream home. The CGI used to show the brothers’ plans for a property is a great selling point as well. Not only does it look great for the buyers and viewers, but it is a fascinating look into what the future of construction, home renovation and real estate investment holds for us.

This is just a handful of shows on HGTV and other cable networks that are worth checking out for anybody interested in real estate. While you should never rely solely on what you see on TV to learn anything new, these shows will at the very least provide some insight into what you can expect when you start flipping houses and buying investment properties.