Investor Training Programs

RVA Property Solutions is committed to a responsible, respectful approach to real estate investing. Sometimes the real estate investing industry gets a bad rap due to scammers who peddle get-rich-quick schemes that not only don’t work, but also hurt people and their families. A quick on-line search will turn up many so-called experts who will charge you an arm and a leg for “training programs” that consist of nothing more than information you can get for free at your local library—or better yet, find using your favorite internet search engine.

Interested in one-on-one mentoring in real estate investing? Click here to contact us about our mentoring program.

As part of our commitment to investing in communities and people as well as in properties, RVA Property Solutions offers several real estate investor training programs to teach our responsible, respectful investing approach to others. These programs are designed to take someone who knows absolutely nothing about real estate investing to the point where they have the knowledge and experience to safely begin building wealth on their own. Keep reading below to learn more about these programs and how they can help you learn about real estate investing.

Bird Dog Training Classes

If you don’t have any real estate investing experience but want to start making money quickly, this is your chance! In our free two-hour workshop, Rich Lennon of RVA Property Solutions will teach you how to become a real estate “bird dog”. That’s someone who helps real estate investors find properties to purchase–and gets paid for it! It’s also a great, risk-free way to start learning about real estate investing. In the workshop, you’ll learn the following:

  • What exactly is a Real Estate Bird Dog?
  • How to spot properties that might make good purchases for a real estate investor
  • Where you should look for investment properties
  • How to use online research tools to determine if a property is a good deal
  • How to get paid for submitting leads to real estate investors

In addition, Rich will teach you how to use social media to fast-track your bird dog aspirations, and how to turn a $500 real estate deal into a $5,000 deal. To sign up for our upcoming bird dog class please fill out the form below.

Real Estate Investing 101

Our Real Estate Investing 101 course is designed for people who want to go beyond the basics and learn how to safely build wealth using real estate. It will teach you, among other things:

  • How to create an investment strategy
  • How to finance your real estate investments
  • How to inspect properties to determine if they would be good investments
  • How to complete all the paperwork involved in real estate transactions

Unlike other online “training courses” that do nothing more than give you materials to read and access to a forum, all of our classes are in-person and include hands-on personal training. By the end of the course, you will be ready to purchase your first investment property and begin your journey to financial freedom.

The Real Estate Investing 101 course is only open to those who have attended one of our free Bird Dog training programs. Classes are held once every two weeks for four months. Tuition is $500 a month, or free for students who complete the homework assignments given in class.