About Our Partners

As part of our mission to help homeowners with common problems they might be facing related to the sale of their property, RVA Property Solutions has partnered with the following companies and organizations. These partners have been carefully vetted by us to make sure that you only work with the most trustworthy, high-quality people who share our values and commitment to customer service.

Melissa White

Melissa WhiteMelissa White is a representative with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Melissa White’s mission is to develop enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. Melissa White works with clients to identify their financial security needs and then focuses on solutions that can help make those financial goals a reality. She helps find the right solutions for personal, family or business needs.

www.melissawhite.nm.com 804-762-7000 ext 7185

Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett

Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & RowlettThe law firm of Gordon, Dodson, Gordon & Rowlett is one of the oldest in Chesterfield
County. Over the years, the firm has built a reputation for expertly and energetically
pursuing clients’ interests, yet always, its most important focus is on friendly service.

www.gordondodson.com 804-748-8153