RVA Property Solutions Case Study

RVA Property Solutions Helps Local Homeowner Pay for Medical Care

The Problem

Losing a close friend or relative is never easy, but when complications arise in the process of settling the deceased person’s estate, it can be very difficult for those taking on that responsibility.

Richmond resident Rosa S. found herself in exactly that position when her friend passed away and she became the executor of the estate. She found herself in the difficult position of trying to sell her friend’s home, which was built in the 1940s and was in extensive need of renovation. Adding to her stress was the fact that her friend’s adult daughter was in long-term medical care for mental health reasons, and needed assistance in paying for that care. Rosa had been trying to sell her friend’s property for six months with no luck, and time was running out.

The Solution

Enter Rich Lennon from RVA Property Solutions. After receiving a letter from Rich in the mail, Rosa contacted him to see if he would be interested in purchasing her friend’s property. Rich met with Rosa and together they inspected the home, at which point Rich made an offer on the property that was much better than previous offers Rosa had received from other cash buyers.
At first, Rosa was hesitant to accept because of a previous bad experience she had with an all-cash buyer who promised to buy the property in question but then backed out. However, she was reassured by the fact that Rich wanted to purchase the property himself rather than simply buying the contract to purchase the property and then turning around and selling that contract to another investor. She accepted Rich’s offer and they began the closing process.

The Result

Unfortunately, due to the complex situation requiring signatures from multiple trustees, Rosa was not able to get all of the paperwork completed by the closing date. However, Rich was able to work with the attorney handling the estate settlement process so that the transaction could still be completed.

Thanks to Rich Lennon and RVA Property Solutions, Rosa was able to use the money from the sale of the property to pay for her friend’s daughter’s medical care. Had she continued trying to sell her friend’s house via traditional methods, she likely would not have been successful. Instead, the outcome was satisfactory for all parties involved. Rosa’s story is a perfect example of a situation when selling a home to an investor is the best option, and RVA Property Solutions made the process as simple and stress-free as possible.