About RVA Property Solutions

RVA Property Solutions was founded by Rich Lennon and his wife Stephanie, who have been investing in real estate since 2003. As Virginia natives, they were attracted to Richmond for its housing market, its deep rooted family values, and the tight community that makes the River City so special. They moved to Richmond in 2012 and by early 2013, RVA Property Solutions was established. While one investment property remains in Northern Virginia, their current portfolio is concentrated where their family resides in Chesterfield and surrounding counties.

Initially, Rich started out doing what all the other real estate investors were doing—going around making cash offers to buy houses. He quickly noticed, however, that there were many problems with this typical approach:

  • Some so-called real estate investors are nothing more than scam artists trying to separate home owners from their money. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between them and legitimate investors.
  • Even legitimate investors often were either not making fair offers, or not being respectful of the home owners they were interested in purchasing property from.
  • Investors were not doing anything to assist property owners with other problems they faced related to the sale of their home.
  • There was little giving back to the communities those homeowners lived in.

With this in mind, Rich decided that his company would take a transparent, education-based approach to real estate investing. Unlike most other investors, he purchases homes for cash quickly and at a fair price in a way that respects both the property owner and their community, and teach others how to do the same.

Watch the video below to hear Rich Lennon talk about his business to a group of real estate investors: